Details of PhD Seminar Series Announced

Critical Issues in Irish Society Network (CIISN)


Ireland in Crisis?

Ph.D. Seminar Series 2011

2.30pm – 4.30pm, Room F308, Newman Building, Belfield UCD

All welcome!

For poster – click here: CIISN PhD Seminar Series_POSTER

1) Labour Market in Crisis

Fri 21st Jan Chair: Prof. Christopher Whelan

Lisa Wixted Sociology (UL) The Enactment of Gender by Solo Creative Workers
Tom Murray Politics (UCD) Ireland’s Financial Aristocracy, 1850-2000: Elements of a Reflexive Critique
Aidan Regan Public Policy (UCD) The Political Economy of Social Pacting in the EMU: Irish Liberal Corporatism
2) Catholicism in CrisisFri 4th Feb Chair: Prof. Tom Inglis
Darragh McCashin Psychology (TCD) Compartmentalisation theory
Ann Cronin Sociology (UL) Normative Constraints on the Act of Protesting in Ireland
Eoin O’Mahony Geography (NUIM) ’Voice’ and crisis in Irish Catholicism
3) Migration in CrisisFri 18th Feb Chair: Dr Alice Feldman
Christian Ritter Languages, Lit. & Cultures (UU) Urban life stories of transnational German migrants in Dublin
Nanette Schuppers Sociology (UCD) Immigrant Integration from a Comparative Perspective
4) Education in CrisisFri 4th March Chair: Prof. Patrick Clancy
Sarah McMonagle Languages, Lit. & Cultures (UU) Monolingual Ireland: A crisis in culture and competence
Niamh O’Reilly Education (UCD) Recognising the value of non-formal adult education for increasing diversity in third level provision
5) Policing in CrisisFri 25th March Chair: Dr Aogán Mulcahy
Dave McInerney Sociology (UCD) Detecting unconscious bias and police interventions in multi-cultural Ireland
John Reddy Sociology (NUIG) Community Safety: Investigating the Growing Appeal of ‘Community’ and ‘Partnerships’ in Addressing Crime and Disorder
Hilary Darcy Sociology (NUIM) Consent to coercion: protests, policing and social change
6) Democracy in CrisisFri 15th April Chair: Dr Kieran Allen
Elaine Desmond Sociology (UCC) Identity, Ideology & Political Will Formation: A Case Study of GM Foods in Ireland
Amanda Slevin Sociology (UCD) Irish gas and oil: Panacea or problem?
Anne Hughes Law (TCD) A Comparative Study of Fundamental Rights in South Africa and Ireland with Specific Emphasis on Equality and Human Dignity
7) Health in CrisisFri 29th April Chair: TBC
Shane O’Donnell Sociology (UCD) Obesity and Diabetes Rising: how economic belt tightening in recessionary times may lead to expanded waist lines and other health problems in future years
Maria Jordan-O’Reilly Children’s Research Centre (TCD) Listening to children’s experiences of negotiating disparities in
values and expectations between their home and school environments
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About Critical Issues in Irish Society Network

A group of PhDs from the School of Sociology in University College Dublin, Ireland have decided to take action and connect with other PhDs and early stage researchers across the human sciences in Ireland. Our intention is to establish a series of seminars in which we can exchange ideas, connect with others, encourage collaboration and develop our community. More details to come... Email:
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