Missed Democracy in Crisis? Podcasts now available

In our most recent seminar, the question of “Democracy in Crisis” was addressed in the context of the production of GM foods, gas and oil, and human dignity. We would like to thank Elaine Desmond (UCC & University of Hyderabad), Amanda Slevin (UCD) and Anne Hughes (TCD) for their contributions to this debate and to the chair, Dr Kieran Allen.

Missed it? Check out the podcasts and papers on our seminars page.

We invite you to join our google group where you can continue the discussion with questions, comments and thoughts on the theme. To join click here.

Hope you can join us for our final CIISN session on Friday 29th April where we will tackle “Health in Crisis”!


About Critical Issues in Irish Society Network

A group of PhDs from the School of Sociology in University College Dublin, Ireland have decided to take action and connect with other PhDs and early stage researchers across the human sciences in Ireland. Our intention is to establish a series of seminars in which we can exchange ideas, connect with others, encourage collaboration and develop our community. More details to come... Email: phdseminars.ucd@gmail.com
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